Accessing Voicemail From Overseas

You may not know it, but you can dial into your mobile phone’s voicemail from any number including while you are overseas.  This allows you to retrieve messages while you are overseas and call people back at a time that is convenient.

*TIP – Change your voicemail welcome message to tell callers to send you an email.

Unconditional Call Forwarding

If you are taking your normal SIM card with you while travelling overseas, you should make sure that you have unconditional call forwarding enabled to ensure calls go straight to your voicemail (if your phone rings out and diverts to voicemail while you are overseas you may be charged international call charges).

To enable call forwarding dial *121*your voicemail number#  You can also enable this from the phone setting on most handsets.

To turn off call forwarding when you return dial #21#

Accessing your Australian Voicemail


The way to access your Telstra Voice Mail is to call your phone number, and then when your voice mail message is played, just before you leave a message, you press *.
It will then be prompted you for your Message Bank Pin.  Enter this and you can access your messages.

You could also consider using Telstra’s Voice2Text service that allows you to read voice messages by converting voicemail to SMS text.


To access your Optus voicemail from overseas dial +61411000321, then your full mobile number. Press #, then enter your passcode, followed by #.


  1. Dial ‘+61414 121 121’ from any phone to access your voicemail.
  2. Press ‘*’ to transfer to your own service.
  3. Enter your mobile number then press ‘#’.
  4. Enter your Voicemail security code then press ‘#’.  If you have forgotten your Voicemail security code, you can contact the Vodafone customer care team to have it reset.
  5. Your unheard messages will be played automatically.