Activate Spain SIM

Registering Your SIM Card

This SIM is sent unactivated/unregistered. To activate/register the SIM you need to complete the form below and then we will submit the information to Hits Mobile for registration of the SIM. The SIM number requested in the form is the 8 digit alpha-number number below the main SIM number (See below). Please double check the number before submitting the form (Please be careful to differentiate between the number 1 (after the S in the example below) and letter I (after the F in the example below)).

hits SIM Number
As part of the registration process you will be provided with the Spain local number that is attached to your SIM. You can complete the registration process up to 12 months before your planned departure date.

Spain SIM Registration Form

The SIM number is the 9 digit alpha-numeric number located on the back of your SIM card packaging (SA1FRJAB8).
17 Digit number starting with 34
Provide a scanned copy of your drivers license (front and back) or passport in JPG format.