USA AT&T SIM Activation

Activating Your SIM Card

Before you head overseas, you will first need to activate your SIM on the AT&T website. You can do this in Australia before you depart, and at the end of the process you will be given your USA phone number. The plan will commence as soon as you add sufficient credit (e.g. if you are on the $25/month plan it will commence as soon as you add $25). If you do not add sufficient credit within 24 days the SIM will be automatically cancelled and you will not be able to use it again.

You should use a high speed Internet service (not 3G mobile Internet) to complete the activation process.


Click here to go to the AT&T SIM Activation Page, enter the 20 digit number on your SIM Card and click continue.

Step 1 – About Your Phone

Enter any US ZIP Code and the EMEI number of your phone (it does not have to be the EMEI number of the phone you will be using).

You can search for a ZIP code here and you can get the EMEI number for your phone by dialing *#06# or by looking in your phones settings. Alternatively you can use the numbers below:

Zip Code: 27893 – Wilson, NC

EMEI: 355310043132160 (A spare phone from our office)

Once this is done click continue

Step 2 – Personal Information

Enter your email address twice. You can populate the other fields, but it is not required.

Once this is done click next.

Step 3 – Rate Plan

The plans that you can choose from is dependent on if you have a smartphone or not. AT&T’s definition of a smartphone is not specifically stated anywhere, but from our general observation it is any phone that will be used for data (includes all Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones). AT&T will try to tell if you are using a smartphone based on the EMEI number you provide, however if it is unable to tell (e.g. if you use the EMEI Number provided above) you will get the option to select (See screenshot below).

If you select Smartphone you can select from the plans listed below. We recommend the $60/month plan which includes unlimited calls/SMS in the USA and 2GB of data.

ATT Rate Plan1

If you select Basic (Quick Messaging) you will get the plan options below. Please note that AT&T will cancel your account if you try to use a lot of data on one of these plans with a smartphone. The best plan depends on the duration of your stay and how much you intend to use your phone, however typically we would recommend the $25/month plan if you don’t plan to use your phone a lot or the $50/month unlimited plan if you intend to use it a lot.

ATT Rate Plan2
The following describes how the plans work.

Calling, messaging and data services are available only if your account balance is sufficient to cover the applicable rate plan charge. Rate plan charges will automatically be deducted every 30 days from your account balance. Plan and any pay-per-use services will be unavailable if account balance is insufficient to pay rate plan charge on renewal date or until enough money is added or rate plan is changed to another plan. All packages are good for 30 days as long as your account balance is not expired. Standard rates apply if package is not renewed after 30 days.

Once you have selected a plan click next.

Step 5

Review your information and click submit.

It is recommended that you double check that the 20 digit SIM Card Number is correct before submitting.

After you click submit you will be automatically redirected to a page providing the status of you activation. Please ensure you are using a high speed internet connection to undertake the activation process as low speed connections (e.g. using a mobile with tethering) will time out.

If you are getting errors, please also try to use a different web browser. If you are still having trouble, send an email to with your SIM Number (89..), Postcode and EMEI Number (if not the one listed on our website) and the plan you want the SIM activated on.

Finally you will be automatically redirected to a page confirming your activation and providing your new phone number (wireless number) and a PIN. Make sure to write down your phone number as it is not sent via email and very difficult to obtain from AT&T customer service.

You will require a new PIN which is sent via SMS to access the AT&T online portal, but you cannot access the online portal before you arrive in the USA. If you need to make any changes to your plan, add credit or add a data plan before you depart you can do this by calling AT&T customer service on (+1) 800-901-9878.

Please note that these SIMs will not connect to a network outside the USA, Mexico and Canada.

Once this is completed your SIM will be activated, however if you activated on a monthly plan it will not commence until you add credit. We recommend you add credit using Ezetop (see below) before you depart.

Having Trouble?


If you are having trouble completing the activation process, just complete the form below and we will do it for you.

Note: Refer above for plan options ($2/day and $0.10/min plans cannot be used if you have a smartphone).